Our Smart Solutions

Our SaaS Solution offers a 4-stage program within the journey
Within each stage we have multiple sub-solutions

MBI – Management By Information

• Performance Reporting
• Data Governance
• Data Logistics
• Standard KPI’s

MBE – Management By Exception

• Account Management
• Business Goals
• 100+ Indicators
• Visualisation

MBA - Management by Analyses

• Performance Analyses
• Productivity Analyses
• Cost Analyses
• What-if Analyses

MBAI - Management by Artificial Intelligence

• Forecasting
• Predictive Analyses
• Machine Learning
• Auto Decision Making

MBI - Management by Information

The first steps in this stage involves reporting on true data. We extract the data, verify, clean up and consolidate records.

MBE - Management by Exception

Part of this program is handling a lot of transactional data, control charts and applying lean six sigma principles. Giving you more insights.

MBA - Management by Analytics

In this program we are applying business analytic tools to the data and includes diagnostics reporting, forecasting and what-if analyses.

Issues and discrepancies

MBAI - Management by Artificial intelligence

In this final phase we are using predictive analyses to assist you in decision making processes, where eventually you will be able to let the system make decisions for you.

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