The right Information, at the right Time, at the right Place, in the right Format

A Dynamic BI Tool that connects your entire data landscape

Helping you to make better decisions now and in the future

Identify Profit Leakage and Take Immediate Data-Driven Decisions

Let your data speak for itself. Discover hidden opportunities

Free Consultancy

Save money on consulting, implementation & training hours

No Need for Your Own Tech Team

Easy-to-use dashboards, no need for your own IT specialists

500%+ ROI

Our conservative estimate is to get more than 500% return on your investment

Fast Implementation Cycle

Our Custom designed tools will guarantee a 2x-4x times faster deployment than any other BI-tool

Smart Industry Specific Solutions

We specialise in optimising Data Logistics for businesses in
Healthcare , Transport-Logistics , Construction

What do we do?

Business Intelligence is just the beginning. We take you on a journey to become a Modern Data Driven Organisation, one step at a time

Business Intelligence

Our journey starts with basic Business Intelligence. Linking all data sources and giving you insights about your current performances based on the true data.

Data Governance

For us Data Governance is really about cleansing your data, validating, and exposing gaps in your data collection. Making your information trustworthy.

Data Logistics

Distributing the right information to the right people within the whole business environment. Share information with 3rd parties safely, secure and structured.

Management by Exceptions

Applying Lean Six Sigma principles to your data will give you the best chance to manage operations effectively in a live environment. MBE in Real Time.

Business Analytics

Predicting the Future is our goal in this part of the journey. Using your historic data, correctional actions, and forecasting to foresee what will happen.

Artificial intelligence & Machine Learning

In this module suggestive solutions are offered to support your decision making in the short, medium and long term. You decide what to do next.

Fully Data Driven Organisation

Trust your data, tools and systems to make decisions for you. It's like an auto-pilot for your business when in flight mode. Corrective actions will be made automatically.

Why are we the best solution for your business?

We believe our Business Intelligence is part of a Data Strategy
A strategy we tailor around your need for your industry


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Benefit For Users

No matter what size your company is, analysing data and visualising the right information is now easier and faster than ever.

Life Time Support

Ongoing support is included in all our solutions. No need to hire an expensive BI/BA specialist to solve your problems

Feature Request

You like to add a new feature? No problem, we can move quickly to add new options to the BI-tool. we always remain flexible and agile

Safe Data Warehouse

Your data is safe with us. Our data storage facilities are accredited with the highest standards in
ISO9001, ISO27001 and NEN7510

See What We Can Do For Your Business.

Make better, more informed decisions with access to real-time insights on a single, scalable platform.

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